Suspense Books


Across A Crowded Room by Eliza March was originally Published by Siren Publishing, Inc.

The new releases have great covers and are  broken down into serialized novellas. With more coming your way, I also wrote Trouble in the Tropics as part of that new IATO series,  and Cyber Tracked with Kindle Worlds. Check them out!

~~~ Across A Crowded Room : books 1-3
This is Jason and Emily’s story coming from Siren Publishing Spring of 2011. . .
Anti-terrorist agent, Jason DesJardin recruits computer genius, Emily Holmes for his next mission. He discovers he can’t resist her in the femme fatale role she’s playing any more than the illegal arms dealer she’s trying to seduce can. Not only are their hearts at stake, so are their lives and the balance of world power.
 ~~~ More Than A Heated Glance

Cade’s CIA career ends in the jungles of Bolivia where he discovers an attractive anthropology professor who wears down his barriers, almost breaks his heart, and changes his life goals.
~~~ A Touch Can Say Too Much

Can an under-cover anti-terrorist agent ever really find happiness or settle for a real life, or is real life a fantasy for a man with too many aliases?

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