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About E.L. March

Best selling, award winning, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing, The Wild Rose Press Scarlet Rose, and WP Sevilla Publishing. Also writes suspense, paranormal, humorous romance, and contemporary new adult as Eliza March.

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New Release I loved writing this book. You can’t beat a hot highland dire wolf or a hunky wounded army ranger who’s a shifter and handles personal security. There’s a sleazy antagonist and a bitch who needs puttin’ in her … Continue reading

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Eliza March recommends the series

DEFEAT THE THE DARKNESS by Eliza March book 1 in the Hearts of Darkness series can be read alone but only under the covers with the light on. Possessed by evil, ruled by lust, driven by hunger. Can love defeat … Continue reading

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Is it writer’s block or something else?

It’s something else. This is an old short post from my Elizabeth Marchat page. With nine books published and four in some stage of the development process, yet still in manuscript form, I have to ask myself what’s holding up … Continue reading

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Across A Crowded Room IATO series

ACROSS A CROWDED ROOM in the IATO series By: Eliza March You should check this series out if you like suspense and intrigue. There’s also plenty of romance and sometimes a little lust. Go to my BOOK tab at my … Continue reading

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Motivation for Writing

Honestly, with the publication world changing daily, it’s hard to stay motivated about writing. Where should an author submit his manuscript? Should I just write what’s in my head and hope it fits some publisher’s guidelines? Or should I write … Continue reading

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Writing to the masses or for yourself

The most widely read genre is romance, but with traditional romance there are rules… The primary rule is there must be a happy ending with the hero and heroine alive and together at the end of the story. Seems an … Continue reading

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I’m working on the follow up story to Across A Crowded Room. I’d like to give Cade a crack at uncovering the where abouts of the master mind behind the car bombing.

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