Is it writer’s block or something else?

It’s something else. This is an old short post from my Elizabeth Marchat page.

With nine books published and four in some stage of the development process, yet still in manuscript form, I have to ask myself what’s holding up the process? For starters…there’s life.  But that’s an excuse. There’s always life to deal with. No, it’s something else. An impasse within the story or a question about the genre or how the industry is impacting your future sales….and on and on. Someone brilliant once said, “Just write the damn book!” And I’m a true believer.

About Eliza (E.L.) March

Best selling, award winning, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing, The Wild Rose Press Scarlet Rose, and WP Sevilla Publishing. Also writes suspense, paranormal, humorous romance, and contemporary new adult as Eliza March.
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