Across A Crowded Room coming soon…

Across A Crowded Room

Romantic Suspense

Siren Publishing has contracted Elizabeth Marchat’s first romantic suspense novel, Across A Crowded Room and plans to release the e-book version before April 2011 and the print version in August or September of 2011.


After anti-terrorist agent, Jason DesJardin survived the explosion that killed Emily Holmes’s father, he went deep undercover. Guilt and his dark past kept him from returning for her, but when Emily discovers ties between the old bombing and the terrorists, she finagles an assignment on Jason’s next mission. Suddenly the balance of world power drops into her inexperienced hands. Forced to play a dangerous game of seduction with Mosel Reinhardt, the notorious international arms dealer—is Reinhardt peddling the nano-tech chip technology or are Emily’s instincts about him correct? Is he more than he seems?

The mission heats up when Jason finds he can’t resist Emily—agency computer genius gone femme fatale—not anymore than Mosel can. After years of waiting to have her again, the tables turn. Jason is unwilling to share her now, but will he be able to watch her seduce Mosel in order to find her father’s killer? Would she stop if he asked her?

About Eliza (E.L.) March

Best selling, award winning, erotic romance author at Decadent Publishing, The Wild Rose Press Scarlet Rose, and WP Sevilla Publishing. Also writes suspense, paranormal, humorous romance, and contemporary new adult as Eliza March.
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2 Responses to Across A Crowded Room coming soon…

  1. Welcome to the family of Siren publishing! May you have many sales!

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